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How to Avoid Small Area Stains and Blemishes
General comments on stains and small area blemishes, and how to avoid them by design and construction procedures. How to remove some stain and blemish agents.

ILI Handbook
New 22nd Edition ILI Handbook now available! The primary tool for use by Architects and Engineers in designing Indiana Limestone as cut stone. Includes details, specifications, treatment recommendations, anchor types and styles, wind load, tolerance and other charts and graphs.

Repair Booklet
A step-by-step guide for Masons and Contractors in repairing minor damage and chips to Indiana Limestone.

Variations on a Theme
A guide to Indiana Limestone standard products including strip ashlars and “sill stock.”

The Finishing Touch
A how-to and ideas book for Architects, Contractors and Masons for using Indiana Limestone trim and standard products. Includes useful tips on storing and handling cold weather masonry, mortars, etc.

Contractors Handbook
A how-to book for Contractors and Masons. It contains much of the same material as the Indiana Limestone Handbook, without the design criteria. It is written with the Contractor’s points of interest in mind.

“HOW-TO” Jobsite Folder
A checklist for Contractors, Masons and Erectors to help them receive, unload, store, and handle Indiana Limestone.