Panel Sizes in Indiana Limestone Usage

The panel sizes shown are the maximum recommended FOR EFFICIENT FABRICATION AND HANDLING. Larger panels are available in either monolithic stones or epoxy assemblies. For information on larger units, consult ILI or member companies.

NOTE: Two-inch thicknesses in Indiana Limestone wall panel work should be considered only in those applications where grasping systems specially designed for thin stone can be used. The anchors and supports ordinarily used in three-inch and thicker stones can often be used for thinner materials, but wind loads and other building dynamics become more critical as stone thickness is reduced. Fabrication, handling and erection procedures associated with conventional erection methods often produce greater costs when applied to thin stones. For most purposes, the conventional support systems should be limited to three-inch and thicker stones.

Use of the various grid systems and other specialized grasping methods should be considered for stones of less than three-inch thickness. ILI and its member companies will be happy to consult on this question.